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"Judge Heavey on Piers Morgan"

Judge Heavey speaks on CNN's Piers Morgan show about the innocence of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Solecito on October 2, 2013.

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Wrongful Convictions: A National Disgrace

See a 38 minute presentation by Judge Heavey on the staggering number of wrongful convictions in our country. Judge Heavey tells how they happen - tunnel vision, 'noble cause corruption', covers the Tapp case in Idaho, and what Judges for Justice is doing to help.

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Tapp's wrongful conviction on CBS' 48 Hours.

See CBS TV coverage of the Chris Tapp wrongful conviction in Idaho. In the 48 Hours show, "The DNA of a Killer," see how Judges for Justice helped free him.

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The Amanda Knox Wrongful Conviction

See 35 minute video of sitting Judge Heavey explain the egregious wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox - March 2012.

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To allow for proper investigation of cases involving wrongly convicted persons.

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To raise public awareness. Public awareness of this failure of the justice system is key to the exoneration of innocent persons.

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Our goals

Identify Wrongful Convictions

A wrongful conviction is a failure of the justice system in the most fundamental sense.

Gather Expert Opinion

If we come to the conclusion that a person is innocent, we have our experts compile information. We then bring those expert reports to the attention of all stakeholders - prosecution, defense, courts, the press and the community.

Raise Public Consciousness

We publish our reports on our website and to all available media sources, including social media. Public awareness of this failure of the justice system is key to the exoneration of innocent persons.

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