Upcoming Cases – Patricia Rorrer

Episode 14 – Rectifying Wrongful Convictions (49:14)

In Episode 14 we show how to tell if a conviction is wrongful or righteous. We examine questions that surround the Patricia Rorrer case in Pennsylvania (from 9:00-21:00). Rorrer was convicted of the 1994 murders of Joann Katrinak and her three-month-old son. We discuss how the West Memphis 3, Dr. Martin Luther King, and a 2004 landmark study by Canadian prosecutors, has informed JFJ’s approach to wrongful convictions. We discuss how MURDER IN HAWAII may help prevent wrongful convictions in the future.

Patricia Rorrer (right) is led to her hearing in Lehigh County Courthouse Wednesday morning, August 26, 1998 by a sheriff’s deputy (left).